Financing Scheme

The Cost of Fitness Equipment is one of the biggest inconvenience Gym Operators’ face when plunging their hand in their hip pocket, whether starting from scratch or maintaining and improving an existing facility. ALIVE Sports has therefore a dedicated staff of experienced professionals that work together with you to assemble a financing/lease package that meets the needs of your business.  We work in strategic partnerships with many financial institutions to create a financing/lease package and to provide attractive and flexible terms designed to suit any budget. This solution eliminates all financial hassles, maximises the pleasure of acquiring your equipment, keeping you, your hip pocket and your facility happy.

3D Layout

When you need help in planning your facility's layout and figuring out where to place your fitness equipment, turn to us for help! Our Dedicated Team studies and designs the interior environment using a Gym Planner tool to plan the ideal layout for your home gym, personal training studio, commercial club, hotel fitness centre or any other workout space.
ALIVE Sports can help design your facility by bringing it to life. We provide drawings that turns a 2D layout into a 3D rendering. These high-quality, crisp 3D layouts can help you to view the most space-efficient design of your facility by highlighting its details and possibilities as if it was an accomplished project.

Management and Coaching

We also have solutions on how to manage your equipped area, be it in terms of coaching purposes, we work in partnership with Experienced Personal Coaches to help use your equipment efficiently, or provide security software for the accessibility of members in commercial gyms.

After Sales Service

Reliable, Efficient, Secure, A Guarantee that you have teamed up with the Ideal Partner!

Our customer satisfaction is monitored through a range of services designed to maintain a perfectly efficient state of the machines. For us, technical assistance stands for being able to work side by side with our customers, and help them achieve success, making available an After Sales Service that suits our client’s needs and that provides them with pre-emptive planned maintenance to guarantee optimum performance of our products.